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The State of California Auto Dismantlers Association

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State of California Auto Dismantlers Association



  • Exclusive SCADA tools to help you understand and comply with California regulations concerning the environment, workplace safety, occupations licensing and other critical issues
  • The 1-877-ask SCADA toll free line for answers to your questions about pressing business issues.
  • Education and information on charges in automotive recycling and opportunities for the future.
  • Credible representation on legislation and regulatory issues, legislative watch and analysis of pending bills.
  • convenient access to industry leaders to discuss business issues and identify professional partners.
  • Connections to companies who provide products and services to the auto recycling industry, including group purchasing programs for extra savings.
  • Professional representation at international industry events.
  • Coordinated communications with industries related to automotive recycling.
  • Status as a member/supporter of the only statewide trade association for automotive recyclers.
  • Access to the rich history and resources that have been recorded and documented since SCADA originated in 1959. This information has been used for business valuation, in litigation, and for a variety of other member needs.
  • Numerous publications, both printed and electronic, to support all of these services.
  • Membership includes local affiliated chapter.

For Application form or more information, contact the SCADA office:
toll free (877) 275-7223


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