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SCADA Environmental Compliance Program


All members of the State of California Auto Dismantlers Association (SCADA) participate in a compliance program we call “Partners in the Solution.” The Partners program provides recognition that participating member facilities meet specified business and licensing, environmental, and safety standards. This proactive, industry-led approach motivates facility operators to achieve a high level of performance, and assists them in complying with a complicate array of business, environmental and safety regulations.

Partners Program Manual – program standards are listed and explained in this easy-to-read manual, along with an explanation of the audit procedures and resource contact information. The manual is in loose-leaf binder form, which can be easily updated.

Audit Visits – the Partners program provides an audit visit to participating facilities each year, to assess compliance with the standards. The audit consists of a general review of the standards with the facility operator, a detailed inspection of the facility to determine if the standards are being met, an exit briefing to discuss the audit findings, and the preparation of an Audit Report. The Auditor will identify on the report whether each standard is met or there are deficiencies, and will specify any corrective actions needed to bring the facility into compliance. Audits are conducted by progressions with practical experience.


Training and Technical Assistance – Training and technical assistance is available to members to help them comply with the business licensing, environmental and safety standards. Training may be offered at periodic training session, at SCADA events such as their annual convention, and through printed materials such as the California Dismantling magazine and a weekly newsletter.


For more information – contact SCADA Executive Director Tammy Pirnik at (916) 979-7088 or toll free at (877) 275-7223.


The aforementioned documents are available below for print or download.