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The State of California Auto Dismantlers Association

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State of California Auto Dismantlers Association


The State of California Auto Dismantlers Association (SCADA) is a statewide trade association with approximately 150 members and 6 local chapters and Direct Membership Areas. SCADA was founded in 1959 to serve the members in areas of education, government, business and social activities as they relate to auto dismantling and recycling. More info about auto recycling


We are the only professionally licensed and qualified industry to properly dismantle vehicles for the purpose of selling recyclable parts.We are able to sell previously owned auto parts that are as good as new for up to 80% savings over the cost of new parts. These savings don’t just help individual customers. They also save automotive body shops money and consequently many insurance companies which can ultimately mean lower premiums.

Buying recycled parts make good “cents”.


We the members of the State of California Auto Dismantles Association, agree:

  • To promote the conservation of energy and the total utilization of our resources, both natural and manufacturer.
  • To determine within all practical limits, the quality and condition of each automotive part offered for direct recycling and to represent the same accurately.
  • To strive and maintain a clean and non-polluted environment in our places of business.
  • To operate according to the ordinances, statutes, and laws of the various jurisdictions.
  • To provide the best possible product.
  • To educate the public as to the positive impact our industry has to offer the community.


SCADA members employ thousands of people statewide. We generate millions of dollars to the state through payroll taxes, income taxes, sales tax, property tax, business tax and numerous fees and licenses through the various state agencies.


We are responsible through local, state and federal regulation, as well as our own concern for the environment, for the proper recycling or disposal of all automotive related hazardous materials. These include gasoline, oil, freon, antifreeze, brake fluid and transmission fluid.

We have extensive investments in the latest technology to not only insure these chemicals don’t seep into our air, soil or water, but many parts can be cleaned and used again which helps to save our precious resources.


At a special ceremony in the Cal-EPA building in Sacramento, SCADA representatives were presented with California’s highest environmental honor, the prestigious Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award. SCADA’s Partners in the Solution program was recognized by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as a “pioneering effort to integrate environmental values and conservation of natural resources into long-term decision making and management of business and facilities.”

The Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award Program is California’s highest environmental honor. The program recognizes individuals, organizations, and businesses that have demonstrated exceptional leadership and made notable, voluntary contributions in conserving California’s precious resources, protecting and enhancing our environment, and building public-private partnerships.

Through the Partners program, SCADA has succeeded in raising the bar for the vehicle recycling industry. Partners is an excellent example of the integration of environmental values into the long term management of business operations. It has enabled regulators to focus their enforcement resources more effectively, by identifying businesses that are operating responsibly. It has also helped educate key environmental and regulatory players about the water quality and other impacts that result when unlicensed dismantlers, rebuilders or other illegal operators handle wrecked vehicles.

The program is a unique industry certification program in many ways:

  • It was initiated, designed and implemented by industry – in partnership with stakeholders from the environmental and regulatory communities
  • It establishes plain language, realistic and effective industry standards
  • Facilities of all types – large or small, new or old, self service or wholesale – are able to benefit from participation
  • Participation in the program is mandatory for all association members.

Congratulations to all SCADA members for your participation in this award-winning program!


We help keep our neighborhoods free of abandoned vehicles. We also employ local people and provide a valuable service to our customers at a fair price.


The purpose of SCADA, according to its bylaws, is to engage in any lawful act or activity for which a corporation may be organized under the Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation Law and to promote the general welfare of the auto, truck and motorcycle dismantling industry in California.


To promote the general welfare of the members of SCADA and others engaged in the business of auto, truck, and motorcycle dismantling.

To afford SCADA members and others in the industry with a means to exchange ideas and to provide information for their businesses.


In areas where there is no local chapter, direct membership is available. All SCADA member benefits are available to Direct Members, and local services are provided based on need.


  • Exclusive SCADA Tools to help members understand and comply with California regulations concerning the environment, workplace safety, occupational licensing and other critical issues.
  • The 1-877-ASK SCADA toll free line for answers to questions about pressing business issues.
  • Education and information on changes in vehicle recycling and opportunities for the future
  • Credible Representation on legislative and regulatory issues, legislative watch and analysis of pending bills
  • Convenient access to industry leaders to discuss business issues and identify professional partners
  • Alliances with vendors who provide products and services to the vehicle recycling industry, including group purchasing programs for extra savings
  • Coordinated communications with industries related to vehicle recycling
  • Status as a member/support of the only statewide trade association for vehicle recyclers
  • Access to the rich history and resources that have been recorded and documents since SCADA originated in 1959. This information has been used for business valuation, in litigation, and for a variety of other member needs
  • Numerous publications, both printed and electronic, to support all these services
  • Annual Convention: speakers, seminars, trade show, networking events
  • California Dismantling magazine: publication dedicated to issues for California vehicle recyclers
  • SCADAgram: weekly updates on issues and information bites
  • Group insurance programs – Alternative Market Services