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The State of California Auto Dismantlers Association

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State of California Auto Dismantlers Association

The State of California Auto Dismantlers Association (SCADA)

is a statewide trade association with 150 members and 6 local chapters and Direct Membership Areas. SCADA was founded in 1959 to serve the members in areas of education, government, business and social activities as they relate to auto dismantling and

partsLicensed auto dismantlers provide an essential service that directly addresses society’s ever increasing problem of what to do with end-of-life vehicles (ELVs). An estimated 1.3 million vehicles will reach the end of their useful lives this year in California, either by determination of their owners or by being declared a total loss by an insurance company. While those vehicles might otherwise end up on the roadside or abandoned in empty lots, licensed dismantlers acquire them and safely convert them into reusable/recycled commodities.

oil_drainComponent parts are tested and examined to determine which can be reused or recycled. Fluids are extracted and properly recycled. The reusable parts are removed, cleaned, catalogued and stored. They are then sold to repair other cars at a savings of up to 80% over the cost of new parts. Recyclable materials are sent to a processor, and manufactured into new products. There are about 1,100 dismantlers licensed by the California Department of Motor Vehicles.



SEPTEMBER 6th-7th, 2019 Hyatt Palm Springs

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Read the DMV Campaign here – DMV-Launches-Campaign-to-Combat-Unlicensed-Vehicle-Dismantlers


PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT AND SUPPORT RESPONSIBLE RECYCLING: Use recycled parts when repairing your vehicle and buy them from SCADA members who are Certified through the “Partners” program.


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REPORT ILLEGAL DISMANTLING: If you suspect that a business is violating California or federal law by not maintaining the proper licenses and permits, or is damaging the environment while processing end of life vehicles, please submit a report through SCADA to the proper regulatory agency. Click here for “Complaint Form.”